1st Annual NY-Capital District CSTA Conference

September 29, 2018
Bethlehem Central High School

  • “Integrating Computational Thinking and Computer Science Across the Curriculum”
  • “Using Google’s Colaboratory to Introduce Python Programming”
  • “Encrypt Your Data with Huffman Codes”
  • “Learning and Teaching Python with CodeGeek.org”
  • “Why Code and Where Do I Begin?”
  • “FLOSS Desktops for Kids”
  • “Using the Mobile CSP Curriculum to Teach AP CSP”
  • “A Teacher's Guide to The Programmer Contest”
  • “Modeling + Code”
  • “CSnap - Coding in a Cultural Context”
  • “Coding in Any Classroom”
  • “Introduction to Computer Science Projects”
  • “Using Coding and the Design Process in your Classroom”
  • “An Introduction to Using Processing to teach Computer Programming”
  • “Scratch Programming in the Middle School Classroom”
  • Keynote: Dr. Fred Martin, Chair of the CSTA Board of Directors