This year for each member newsletter, we wanted to spotlight a member of our group. You are all doing amazing things in your own spaces, and we think that deserves to be shared!
Check out this newsletters member spotlight, Carole Geruso of Glens Falls!
Q: Where do you work, and what is your role?
I am an Instructional Technology Integration Specialist at Glens Falls High School 
Q: How long have you been involved in CS?
I started with CS in 1981, learning Basic at QMS on TRS-80's and Apples, took a few CS classes in college learning Pascal, then a big hiatus until being reintroduced to it in a PD 8 years ago. I am excited to say we are in our 5th years of having CS back at Glens Falls. I joined CSTA shortly after attending Jim Matthews HMVAMC presentation 5 years ago.
Q: What is your favorite topic and/or grade to teach in CS?
Definitely Cryptology.  I love decoding and showing my students where in history encryption and decryption had major impacts.
Q: Do you have a favorite tool/technique for teaching CS?
I really love to show students how to code in open processing.  It is easy and shows immediate results with little guidance. Even my lowest level learners have been able to create some really cool digital art using p5js.
Q: In your opinion, how does CS apply to everyone's everyday lives?
Almost every aspect of our lives is touched by CS in one way or another, whether it be using a mobile app for banking, paying for gas or maps to travel, or communicating with loved ones far away.  CS has enhanced our world in so many positive ways.
Q: What do you think the top 3 things to consider are in CS education?
Exposure to many different topics in CS, growing careers and how many different fields of studies utilize a form of CS.
Q: What strategies (if any) do you use to attract and retain women and minorities in your program(s)?
We have offered coding at our annual "Girl's Day" event, had a 7-9 Girl's Stem Day and are offering after school STEM programs to get students interested in CS.  We also post student's work in the hallway, so others can see some of what our CS 110 class covers. Due to our recent change to block scheduling, it has been tough to schedule students without conflicts with a single section.  We are hoping our newly created middle school Computer Science class will generate more interest in future years for all students (currently being taught by a female).