It's time for Siena's HS Programming Contest organizing survey. It's a quick survey to fill out but you will need to know (as accurately as possible) how many 4-person contest teams from your high school will be interested in participating. 
The contest is Friday, April 12 from 4:00-9:00.
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For this survey Siena is asking for the number of teams if there is no limit on the number you can bring from your school. Here is the survey link:
With the fantastic sponsorship of Transfinder and Tony Civitella, recent contests have had over 300 students competing! Last year Siena had over 360 students which is very close to our maximum capacity. Siena did have to limit the number of teams some schools could bring. 
Based on the results of this year's organizing survey Siena will be able to determine the number of teams your school can send. Siena always try to maximize student participation.
Information about our contest and practice problems can be found on the contest web page.