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Our Elections process is beginning, and we can't believe it! We want to communicate what the process is and where we go from here. Check in here for more information --  even if you're not interested in being on the board, you can join our Elections Committee!

For starters... what are the roles and what do they do?

The President of the Chapter is responsible for 
  • Chairing meetings of the executive committee
  • Chairing membership meetings
  • Communicating with the CSTA Chapter Liaison.
  • Sending out timely meeting notices
  • Creating and sending out the agenda
The Vice-President of the Chapter is responsible for 
  • chairing meetings of the executive committee in the President’s absence
  • chairing meetings of membership in the President’s absence
  • Organizing professional development opportunities for membership meetings and special events
  • Maintaining the chapter website
The Secretary of the Chapter is responsible for 
  • Maintaining meeting minutes, including attendance, and making them available to the chapter within 2 weeks of a meeting
  • Maintaining local membership roster records including recording CSTA numbers or membership on the CSTA portal, and qualifications for voting
  • Organizing and sending out chapter regular chapter newsletters
The Treasurer of the Chapter is responsible for the overall financial management of the chapter including 
  • Maintaining financial records and facilitating transactions
  • Reporting the financial status to the executive committee and membership at each meeting
  • Filing tax documents as required

Next up, who can vote?

Any member in good standing can vote. A member in good standing of the Chapter is defined as an individual who has reported their CSTA number to the Chapter or is listed as a member of the chapter on the CSTA portal, and has attended at least two meetings in the previous 12 months.

Don't want to be on the Executive Board, but want to help.. Join the Election Committee!

The election committee is made up of 2 - 4 members in good standing by December 31st of the year prior to the election.  The election committee members are responsible for 
  • identifying positions on the executive committee that will be open
  • collecting nominations
  • scheduling a presentation of the candidates and their positions 
  • creating, distributing, and tallying electronic ballots
  • and communicating the results of the election to the chapter members no later than the March/April meeting.